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Friday, June 14th 2013

Feature & Follow: Book Spine Poem


Feature & Follow is hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read.

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Q: Activity: Spine Poetry. Create a line of poetry with your book spines (take a picture). Not feeling creative? Tell us about your favorite poem.

You have been warned: I am no poet. But I thought this was fun and would give it a try.


If you’ve done one, please leave a link! I’d love to see it :)


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I'm a designer, a freelance editor, and, most importantly, a book blogger. Reading wise I’m a huge fan of anything creepy, weird, whimsical, or sinister — and zombies. Gotta love zombies. Oh, and I'm a YA writer represented by Prospect Agency.

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66 Responses to “Feature & Follow: Book Spine Poem”

  1. Jessica@a GREAT read says:

    Ooh nice! I just snapped a pic of one of my TBR stacks, so I wasn’t too creative either!

    Here’s my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Lexxie says:

    Great work on that poem, Kim! I love the FF activity so much this week. It’s awesome to see everyone being creative!

    Here’s my FF post for this week.

    Have a fantastic Friday :)

  3. Asti says:

    I am no poet either, so it took me a while staring at the pile of books on my desk to come up with something… At least yours involved more books! I like it though. Sounds dark! (And of course, old follower via Bloglovin ;) )

  4. That’s quite the ominous poem there…but I like it! I doubt I’d be very creative if I attempted this one, so well done! Have a great Friday :)

  5. Kelley says:

    This is an awesome poem! You did a great job. These book spine poems are always interesting. :)

  6. Amber Hodges says:

    great poem!! I’m glad to see such creativity this week!

    old follower!

    Here’s My FF

    Amber @Paradise of Pages

  7. Nicole Hewitt says:

    Oooh! I love the ending – “The Omen foretold what’s left of me.” I’m loving this week’s FF! This is the only time that I’ve made an effort to go and visit ALL of the participants’ blogs because I’m so loving reading everyone’s poems!!

    You can find my poem here.

  8. Kaitlin Snider says:

    Nice blog. I like those ghosts on your banner. :)

    New follower via Bloglovin

    My favorite poem is here: http://readingismytreasure.blogspot.com/2013/06/feature-and-follow-friday-1.html

  9. My favorite part is ‘the space between, lips touch’. Wonderful job with this! Thank you so much for stopping by my FF. New Follower :D Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven.

  10. Like Nicole, my favorite line is also “The Omen foretold what’s left of me.” Your poem has really inspired me to get writing. :D Old Bloglovin follower.

    My FF @ Donnie Darko Girl

  11. Emily Anne says:

    Oooh, I really like this poem! “speak poison, hush hush” That is so cool :)

  12. Seirra Poirier says:

    Nice combination of books, wicked cool poem! :) & Your blog design is SO cute, I love it!!

    New Bloglovin’ Follower!

    My FF HERE.

    -Seirra @ Dear, Restless Reader

  13. Lexa Cain says:

    That’s very clever! :-)

  14. Traci Horton says:

    Wow great job! There’s so much creativity this week. Thanks for stopping by
    & I’m following you back on Bloglovin’

  15. Jodie Gore says:

    wow this is great everyone is so creative well done

  16. Becky Paulk says:

    Thanks for stopping by mine!

    New Follower via feedly
    Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

  17. Sarah says:

    I love your poem! It’s very good! Thanks for stopping by my FF! :) New follower via Bloglovin!

    Sarah @ Bubbly and Bookish

  18. Elena Love says:

    Great poem!!Thanks for checking out my FF earlier!

    Followed back via bloglovin!
    Elena @ BookLadysReviews

  19. Ahhaa!!! I LOVE your poem!!! It reads perfectly :)))

  20. Oh, I’m not a poet either, but I agree that this is a cool idea! And you did a good job, too. I doubt I’d be able to compose a poem half as good as that – even with the help of book spines. :P

  21. JennRenee says:

    pretty cool poem. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back

  22. The Demon Librarian says:

    Thanks for the visit at The Demon Librarian!

    I’m following you back :)

  23. E.B.Pike says:

    OMIGOSH. I HAVE to try this! Looks so fun. Love the poem. :)

  24. lizasarusrex says:

    I love it! I’m a new follower! Please Check out my FF


    Elizabeth @ Stuffed Shelves

  25. K Marie says:

    Cool poem! Thanks for following!! Returned it via bloglovin :)

  26. Katy says:

    also, I love your ghosts!

  27. Katy says:

    thanks for stopping by and following! Following you back on bloglovin! love the “speak poison hush, hush”

  28. Kim says:

    Haha, thanks, Lisa! I didn’t consider it that long :)

  29. Kim says:

    This was a really fun activity, thanks for stopping by :)

  30. Kim says:

    Thanks, Emily :)

  31. Kim says:

    Thanks, Nina!

  32. Kim says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Jessica :)

  33. Kim says:

    Thanks, Liesel!

  34. Kim says:

    Thanks, Brandy!

  35. Kim says:

    Thank you, Eveline!

  36. La'Mecia @Rotten Apple Reads says:

    I like what you put together and I love your spooky blog! Bloving follower and thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  37. Adelma says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I really like the poem that you have made. :]


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