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26 Jul Feature & Follow: What Do You Do With Your Books?


Feature & Follow is hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read.

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Q: What do you do with your books after you’re done reading them?

I keep them! I have a bookshelf dedicated to finished books. If I really didn’t like the book, I’m still likely to keep it until a Big Brothers & Big Sisters decides to do a pickup in my neighborhood. Then I’ll give the book away. Yeah, I didn’t like it, but hopefully someone else will :)

But probably around half of the time, I have to return the book to the library. I love my library so, so much. 

What about you? What do you do with your books?


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Freelance Editor at Wild Things Editing
I'm a designer, a freelance editor, an intern for Bree Ogden at Red Sofa Literary and, most importantly, a book blogger. Reading wise I’m a huge fan of anything creepy, weird, whimsical, or sinister — and zombies. Gotta love zombies. Oh, and I'm a YA writer represented by Prospect Agency.

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  • Leigh @ Little Book Star
    Posted at 11:44h, 26 July Reply

    I do the same thing, even with ARCs unless I really really really did not like the book, then I give it away. I’ve never borrowed a YA book before because my library doesn’t have ANY :( So I either buy all of my books, or receive some from publishers/authors. Your blog designs are really cute btw!

    Little Book Star
    Leigh @ Little Book Star recently posted…Review: Unwind (Unwind #1) by Neal ShustermanMy Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 10:41h, 31 July Reply

      It’s too bad your library doesn’t carry any! That seems like a crime.

  • ki pha
    Posted at 11:46h, 26 July Reply

    I keep all of my books since my library don’t carry the books I read, or they don’t have the new ones. I tend to love all of them so I don’t really have a shelf for the bad ones, kind of. :)

    • Kim
      Posted at 10:42h, 31 July Reply

      It’s good that you can always pick out books that you’ll enjoy. It’s too bad your library doesn’t carry any of the books you like, though.

  • Janina (@Synchro_Reading)
    Posted at 11:48h, 26 July Reply

    I usually don’t like having books on my shelf I didn’t like. I most likely have a giveaway for them :)

    Following via Bloglovin!

    My FF!
    Janina (@Synchro_Reading) recently posted…Feature and Follow Friday (1)My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 10:44h, 31 July Reply

      I’ve thought about giving some away in a giveaway too. But then I’d have to pay for its shipping.

  • Jenn @ Book Beats
    Posted at 11:52h, 26 July Reply

    Keep ’em too! Sometimes I’ll donate them or trade em :)

    Old follower via blog lovin’ — happy Friday!
    Jenn @ Book Beats recently posted…Follow Friday [4]My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 10:44h, 31 July Reply

      It’s hard to let go of books, isn’t it?

  • Angie
    Posted at 12:05h, 26 July Reply

    I love my library too. My husband even works there part time as a security officer!

    Angela’s Anxious Life
    Angie recently posted…Reading Road-Trip UTAH!My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 10:45h, 31 July Reply

      I’m jealous! I wish someone in my family worked at a library (preferably myself).

  • Ashtyn
    Posted at 13:38h, 26 July Reply

    I do something very similar except I normally give the books I didn’t like in giveaways I host on my blog!

    Totally love your blog! The theme is so awesome! Have you heard of the book Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? It seems like it would be right up your alley! It hasn’t released yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

    New followers via Bloglovin’

    Here’s my F&F!
    Ashtyn recently posted…Feature & Follow #18My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 10:48h, 31 July Reply

      Hi Ashtyn!
      Thanks, I’m glad you like my blog :) I have heard about Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. I look forward to it and even requested an ARC copy. Sadly, they reached their max giveaway by then :(

  • Lizzy
    Posted at 13:44h, 26 July Reply

    I separate my finished and unfinished books too. The one in my office is all my finished books. I like to see how many books I’ve read. The unfinished ones I keep in a cabinet over my washer/dryer. I don’t like to see them because it reminds me how much I really don’t need to buy any more books.

    I love your little icons. Who designed them?

    Old follower via twitter, new via bloglovin…or maybe I got that backwards.
    Lizzy recently posted…Feature & Follow #8: After your done readingMy Profile

  • Jessica@a GREAT read
    Posted at 17:45h, 26 July Reply

    I keep mine as well. For the rare one I didn’t enjoy it gets donated to the library!

    Here’s my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  • Lexi @ Inhaling Books
    Posted at 19:31h, 26 July Reply

    I am ABSOLUTELY in love with libraries! I definitely wouldn’t be able to read as much as I do if they didn’t exist :)
    Lexi @ Inhaling Books recently posted…Feature & Follow Friday #1My Profile

  • Alison (@AlisonCanRead)
    Posted at 21:49h, 26 July Reply

    Hopping through. I keep most of mine too unless it’s a library book. Then I’ll donate them or give them away unless I love them.
    My Hop
    Alison (@AlisonCanRead) recently posted…Feature and Follow Friday #159My Profile

  • Nina @ Project Read and Review
    Posted at 01:15h, 27 July Reply

    Same with me, though my bookshelf is running out of space already! Ick. I adore your blog, it is so gorgeous :D new bloglovin’ follower!

    Check out my FF here, as well as my second blogaversary giveaway!
    Nina @ Project Read and Review recently posted…Follow Friday (#26)My Profile

  • Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun
    Posted at 02:24h, 27 July Reply

    I don’t know why I never thought of donating to Big Brothers & Big Sisters! I’m getting so many good ideas for what to do with my books from this hop – if only I can let them go, which is really hard for me to do – if I buy a book it’s because I loved the author or found an incredible deal. Otherwise it’s the library for me too !

    New Bloglovin’ and Twitter Follower
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun
    Here’s my FF:
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…Is Immortality REALLY More Fun?My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:23h, 31 July Reply

      Usually, I only buy books that are highly recommended or I am well established authors that I know I like. Except when it comes to debuts, I usually prefer to buy them than take them out of the library.

  • Daisy
    Posted at 04:32h, 27 July Reply

    I love your little ghosts! So cute! I keep even the books I didn’t like. When and if I ever run out of room, I guess they’ll be the first to go. Here’s my FF for the week New Bloglovin follower.

  • picturemereading
    Posted at 05:07h, 27 July Reply

    I keep them as well unless I hated the book then I donate etc.!
    picturemereading recently posted…Book Club Extra: Love Triangles 101My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:25h, 31 July Reply

      That’s a good method!

  • Whit
    Posted at 06:45h, 27 July Reply

    I keep mine too! Happy Friday! New follower via bloglovin

    My FF
    Whit recently posted…Feature & Follow Friday #134My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:25h, 31 July Reply

      Thanks, Whit!

  • Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews
    Posted at 07:29h, 27 July Reply

    I love my library as well! Old follower.

    Happy Friday!
    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews recently posted…FOLLOW FRIDAY (78)My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:26h, 31 July Reply

      Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer!

  • The Pooka Picks
    Posted at 10:25h, 27 July Reply

    Found your blog through the hop.
    New follower via Bloglovin’.

    Love your site design!

    Here’s my FF, if you’re interested:

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:26h, 31 July Reply


  • lexacain
    Posted at 11:34h, 27 July Reply

    I keep them. But I read a lot more ebooks than paperbacks now. :-)
    lexacain recently posted…Celebrate the Small Things: 7/26My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:27h, 31 July Reply

      Yeah, ebooks are great, but I don’t like how you can’t lend them to other people (usually).

  • Rinn
    Posted at 02:58h, 28 July Reply

    I keep them all too. I feel so cosy in a room full of books.

    I’m excited to see that you’re a Doctor Who fan, definitely a plus in my books =D

    New follower via Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr and Bloglovin’ =)

    Rinn @ Rinn Reads
    Rinn recently posted…Feature & Follow #4My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:28h, 31 July Reply

      I’m a big Whovian! I can’t wait for the Christmas special and the 50th anniversary. I’m really scared over the new Doctor. Since Matt Smith is leaving the show >.<

  • Jessica @ Ramblings on Readings
    Posted at 06:04h, 29 July Reply

    New follower on BlogLovin!
    Jessica @ Ramblings on Readings recently posted…Blog Lovin’My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:28h, 31 July Reply

      Thanks, Jessica!

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  • Jessi (BC Reviews)
    Posted at 02:08h, 31 July Reply

    Just cyber-hopping along! Now following
    Jessi (BC Reviews) recently posted…Follow Friday: Blog Hop #1My Profile

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