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September 27, 2013 Book Talk 12


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Reading Nook Tour!

diy-reading-nook-inspired-design-idea-1 How beautiful is this? Okay, okay … yes this is from a DIY magazine and not really my reading nook. This is my dream reading nook though — maybe not that exact color scheme, but something similar to it.

In reality? 

I have no particular reading nook. I read whenever and wherever I can. Generally during breaks at work, or in my car when I have a few minutes between going from place A to B, or on my couch or in my bed or at the library. It’s really wherever. None of them are particularly awesome places or picturesque so I won’t be showing them :(

The last week has been pretty nice though so I’ve taken to going out in the backyard on a blanket to read some. This isn’t usually possible. It’s usually either too hot or too cold to be outside for prolong periods of time, but it’s that rare gap called Fall which usually lasts only a week or two here. My dog’s loving it. He’s happy to have someone out back with him and he’s adorable and will curl up into a ball on my lap while I read.

What? You want to see a picture of my dog now? Why, of course I’ll show you!

This is Dr. Boo and yes that is a bowtie collar.


What about you? Do you have a reading nook? Or are you like me and read whenever/wherever? 




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12 Responses to “Feature & Follow: My Reading Nook”

  1. lexacain

    Dr. Boo is adorable! I’ve never had a nook. I generally used to read in bed, several hours a night, but now I find myself sleeping within half an hour! But I do a lot of reading on the computer, so I guess that counts …
    Have a great weekend! :-)
    lexacain recently posted…Celebrate the Small Things: 9/27My Profile

  2. Mandy

    I think you picked a great picture for your dream nook. I hope one day you have your own nook like the picture. I love the idea. Of course we want to see the puppy and so cute!!!! I love little white fluff balls. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend. Happy reading New follower My FF

  3. Charlotte

    Holly Molly! You’re the second FFer I’ve visited who also posted a dog on their post. I am a dog lover too. I have a pom, shih tzu and a shih poo.

    And I am drooling over that DIY reading nook. It’s a dream, Kim. It’s a dream. If only I have the money then I would certainly have that constructed inside my room. <3

    Old bloglovin follower.
    Charlotte recently posted…e-ARC Review: The Devil’s Apprentice by Jan SiegelMy Profile

  4. Wendy Darling

    Hah hah, I was ready to gasp with envy over that photo. My favorite places to read are my bed or in the outdoors (park, beach), but I’m like you–I read anywhere and everywhere, too. :) There are so many books waiting, I can’t help it!
    Wendy Darling recently posted…Welcome Kate!My Profile

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