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30 Sep Weekly Round-Up: Book Deals, Publishing News & More


YA Asylum Updates:

New Posts:


WRITING WEDNESDAY: Horror, #MSWL, #JoinTheAgenda, 

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New Young Adult Book Deals:

Total reported to Publishers Marketplace14 New Book Deals

Total digital deals reported to Publishers Marketplace2 New Book Deals


2: Paranormal
1: Dystopian
5: Contemporary
1: Mystery
1: Sci-fi
1: Alt-history
1: Fantasy
1: Historical

Digital Genres:

1: Contemporary

Total Multi-Book Deals:

3: Two-Book Deals
1Three-Book Deal

Debut YA Deals:

Andrea Hannah‘s OF SCARS AND STARDUST, in which a delusional girl, convinced she is being stalked by wolves from her Midwest hometown, must return to Ohio to locate the missing sister she believes was kidnapped, but going home means confronting a tragedy from her past and the grim reality of her delusions; the wolves may not be the figments she imagined; and some things missing are not meant to be found, to Brian Farrey-Latz at Flux, by Victoria Marini at Gelfman Schneider/ICM.

David Arnolds debut MOSQUITOLAND, about a teenage girl who ditches school, ditches her dad and her stepmom, and hops on a northbound Greyhound bus when she learns her “real” mom is sick back in Ohio, along the way meeting a strange band of fellow travelers and discovering new secrets about herself and her family when the creaky bus takes a few (literal) turns she could never see coming, to Ken Wright at Viking Children’s, in a significant deal, in a pre-empt, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House

For more specific information check out the YA deals page at Publishers Marketplace (membership is required).

Please note that these are only the deals reported to Publishers Marketplace. There are quite a few literary agents that do not report their deals to Publishing Marketplace so there could be more deals than just this.


Publishing & Bookish News:

With Festival, Paris Seeks to Reclaim Literary Reputation

PARIS — There was a time when Paris was an obligatory way station for aspiring foreign writers on the Grand Tour through Europe as they strove to burnish their reputations as cosmopolitan sophisticates, but in recent years the city has seemed to have lost its edge. READ MORE HERE.

The Ultimate YA Definition?

Last week, Maine bookseller Kenny Brechner (DDG Booksellersinvited readers to define the somewhat slippery category of reading we call young adult literature. He offered acclaim and prizes for ShelfTalker contestants attempting to nail down the cagy beast, and here, now, are the results. READ MORE HERE.

Ten of the worst publishing moments

You really need to see this list. 

Taylor Swift to star with Meryl Streep

Taylor Swift is joining the cast of “The Giver,” Page Six can exclusively reveal. READ MORE HERE.

I don’t know how I feel about this! I’m going to re-read The Giver soon, but I still don’t know how I feel … I like TSwift. Don’t get me wrong, but The Giver? I don’t think it can be a movie.

Colorado Mountains Provide Setting for YA Author Retreat

The stats are impressive: 49,800 words written, 258 pages revised, four short stories penned, two books outlined, and two manuscripts turned in to editors. These numbers spotlight the accomplishments of eight YA authors who spent a long weekend working – and squeezing in some literary-themed playtime – in Steamboat Springs, Colo., from September 12–16. READ MORE HERE.

NEA Study Finds Reading Levels Steady, Though ‘Literature’ Reading Dips

The newest study by the National Endowment for the Arts on how much American adults participate with the arts found that general book reading in 2012 was even with levels in 2008, but that reading literature (defined as novels, short stories, plays and poetry) had declined. READ MORE HERE.

What Ever Happened to Book Editors?

I blame my parents for my love of reading, but I blame Scott Berg’s biography of Maxwell Perkins (Max Perkins: Editor of Genius) for my desire to become an editor. READ MORE HERE.

NetGalley Adds New Features for Indies

NetGalley has introduced a series of new features for indie bookstores and other professional readers. Beginning today, independent booksellers will be able to nominate books for the Indie Next program via … READ MORE HERE.

Do You Finish Books You Hate?

I didn’t care for the book I was reading. Surely, you’ve been there. You picked it up thinking it looked intriguing only to find out it’s a disappointment. You’re not enjoying the story, you can’t root for the character, and the writing just isn’t your style. READ MORE HERE.

Plagiarism scandal has revealed an ugly side of Australian poetry

I don’t condone plagiarism, but it would be a great shame if in our rush to lynch a couple of plagiarists, we forget to remember why poetry needs experimentation… READ MORE HERE.

Goodreads Creates Controversy

Goodreads has attracted considerable attention — and controversy — for recent moves to limit readers and authors attacking each other on their site. In simplest form, Goodreads is getting stricter about removing reviews that “primarily…talk about author behavior” in a negative way. READ MORE HERE.

Dear Goodreads: You disappointment. My decision — as most are — on whether or not I’m going to buy a book is based both on the story, the reviews, and the author. If that author acts poorly, I will not support them by buying their book. It’s only fair that people express this opinion in their reviews. And to delete reviews before giving members warning is just wrong. I have a feeling this has a lot to do with Amazon buying them out.

Banned Books Week 2013: The top 10 challenged titles – in pictures

Readers and writers face censorship all around the world – even in the land of the free. According to the American Libraries Association (ALA), US librarians received 464 requests to take books off the shelves in 2012 – up 42% on 2011. Here we introduce last year’s most frequently challenged books, and the reasons behind those challenges. READ MORE HERE. 


Writing Tips:

What Do You Do When Your Muse Is On Vacation?

I asked a friend yesterday if she mainly wrote out of inspiration, or if she’d mastered the discipline of sitzfleisch. She was quick to say, “I write when I’m inspired.” READ MORE HERE.

Question Emporioum: what sells? What doesn’t?

You mentioned on the blog that agents cry into shots of JD about What Will Not Sell. The answer may be too long to answer, but if it is not, please tell us What Will Not Sell. READ MORE HERE.

What I’ve Learned So Far About School Visits

As we all know, many school districts have had their funding decimated. Even though I love staying at a school all day and teaching writing workshops to individual classes, I receive many more invitations to give a single talk at a big school assembly. Rather than turn down these invitations, I’ve put together a colorful, fast-paced, and entertaining presentation that will keep 200 students (many of whom are NOT into books) interested. READ MORE HERE.

The Challenge of Selling Children’s/Teen Fiction

In my years in the book industry, I’ve for better or for worse built my name and my reputation on being the fiction guru wherever I’m working. People refer to me as “the one who reads all the books” which is a point of pride (though not 100% accurate- there are many books I just never manage to get to), and a large part of my selling style. I read a book, get excited about it, and naturally want to share it with as many people as I possibly can. READ MORE HERE.

How to Find Your Writing Workspace

J.K. Rowling wrote in coffee shops. E.B. White wrote in his living room. Philip Pullman often wrote in a museum café. All writers have a place that’s theirs to write in, a place that they’ve claimed as their own, even if it’s a public place. Have you found your workspace yet? READ MORE HERE.


Literary Agent Updates/Tips:

FIRST FIVE FRENZY With Pete Knapp Of The Park Literary Group

Today, I am proud to share Literary Agent, Pete Knapp’s perspective on what’s important in those critical first pages. READ MORE HERE.

(A note from Kim) If you are looking for an agent, you have to check out the First Five Frenzy. It’s SO helpful. 

At the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, v-p Jennifer Weltz is succeeding Jean Naggar as president. Naggar will continue playing a role in the agency in the new position of chair.


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Freelance Editor at Wild Things Editing
I'm a designer, a freelance editor, an intern for Bree Ogden at Red Sofa Literary and, most importantly, a book blogger. Reading wise I’m a huge fan of anything creepy, weird, whimsical, or sinister — and zombies. Gotta love zombies. Oh, and I'm a YA writer represented by Prospect Agency.

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  • lexacain
    Posted at 15:48h, 30 September Reply

    I enjoyed the post by Janet Reid. I’m often shocked by what sells too. Thanks for all the links — your publishing news posts are always fascinating and informative. Have a great week! :-)
    lexacain recently posted…Celebrate the Small Things: 9/27My Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 08:49h, 01 October Reply

      Thanks, Lexa!

  • alisa selene
    Posted at 05:44h, 01 October Reply

    I keep wondering about the future of goodreads..based on its developing bad rep!

    • Kim
      Posted at 08:49h, 01 October Reply

      I hope it works out in the long run. I do like Goodreads … they just need to make up for this huge blunder.

  • Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan
    Posted at 20:43h, 01 October Reply

    So many awesome genres! I love the sound of OF SCARS AND STARDUST, plus the title’s really pretty (I’m a sucker for anything that has the word “stardust” in them), and I love how… different it sounds. Stalked by wolves? I want to know more! MOSQUITOLAND sounds pretty good, too, though the title makes me want to laugh. Please. No one wants to go to Mosquitoland.

    Ooh, I want to read more about the top ten worst publishing moments. And about Goodreads: *sigh* A shitty decision, that’s what it is. This is what I’ve been saying over and over again, but I’ll say it again: I can’t believe the administrators for the site are allowing a bunch of whiny authors who can’t differentiate between negative reviews and ACTUAL bully reviews to control them. I know it’s hard to read bad reviews for your book, but that’s part of what being an author is all about! Gah!

    Will YOU still be using Goodreads, Kim?
    Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-OffsMy Profile

    • Kim
      Posted at 11:45h, 02 October Reply

      I love the sound of OF SCARS AND STARDUST as well and I love the story behind it got published (check out the website Secret Life of a Writer). It’s very inspirational :)

      Yes I’ll still be using Goodreads, but just to keep track of things for now (like what I’ve read) and maybe linking to my reviews here. I think they have a chance to redeem themselves … but I’m not sure how.

  • Christine Monson
    Posted at 06:19h, 02 October Reply

    I’m always surprised when writers can write in public places. My space has to be quiet with my French Press in arms reach. And I can only write when inspired. This week is an off week.

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