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20 Apr Book Talk: Bookish Pet Peeves


Let me just put this out there: I love to read. It’s my absolute favourite thing to do, hands down. I think we can all agree that reading and books are pretty darn awesome… but there are some readerly things that annoy me to no end and pretty much make me want to throw the book across the room if I ever encounter it. :P (Disclaimer: this post may or may not just be a very large rant. You have been warned.)

Insta-love. I’m going to be Miss Unpopular Opinion here and say that I really, really didn’t like The Fifth Wave, mostly because two of the main characters fell in love pretty much at first sight. (Plus, they were enemies. And this was in a world where basically anybody could have been – and was – the enemy.) I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love romance as much as the next girl – but I want character development! I want a slow build! I want to squeal and dance around the room when they finally kiss! I don’t want hey-you’re-the-only-other-person-who-exists-on-this-planet-and-you’re-somewhat-attractive-let’s-make-out!

Movies. Okay, so maybe that’s just a little too vague. ;) I don’t hate all movies based on books – in fact, quite a few of them are amazing (*cough* LORD OF THE RINGS *cough*) – but it irks me when casting choices are all wrong, or the screenwriters take out my favourite quotes, or the special effects suck. When I’m reading, I basically get to build the world and the characters and everything in my head, the way want it to be. But if movies come along and they’re totally different from what I had envisioned, it kind of ruins the reading experience – I’m picturing the details in the movie instead of those in the story that I had created within the book.

New covers in the middle of a series. This could be the perfectionist in me talking, but I absolutely hate it when there are two lovely covers in a trilogy, and then bam, the third book suddenly switches to a totally different cover design. (I’m using a trilogy for this example, but it’s really series in general!) I mean, if you’re going to do a series, at least tie it all together somehow! A prime example of this: the Across the Universe series. The first two books – Across the Universe and A Million Suns – had beautiful covers. The third, Shades of Earth, just completely turned it around – the design totally clashes with the first two books.

Editing/formatting errors. I’ll admit, I mostly find this in indie books – there’s an amazing plotline and loveable characters. The author’s voice is quirky and unique, you’re really getting into it, and everything’s wonderful and chipper… and then you start noticing the typos. To instead of too. Ehr instead of her. Misplaced modifiers. Dangling participles. There is nothing that will turn me off a book more than noticing typos, editing mistakes or – worse still! – formatting errors in eBooks. I mean, you can be the next John Green for all I care. If your book’s editing or formatting sucks, 10 to 1 I’m going to put it down in search of a new one.

What’s your most annoying bookish pet peeve?


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15 years old. Writer. Musician. Feminist. Cheesecake connoisseur. Mistress of the mixtape. Hopeless romantic. Compulsive reader. Avid fangirl. I enjoy strong coffee, ugly cats, and the taste of words. Find me on Twitter or at Six Impossible Things, my personal blog.

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  • lexacain
    Posted at 22:02h, 20 April Reply

    I really wanted to like 5th Wave. But I hated the prologue (and who puts those in books anyway?), and the “I” narrator (Cassie) in the first two chapters is so stupid I felt I was reading a chapter book and she was about 9 yrs old. So boring, so badly written. What does anyone see in this piece of crap book?

    Of course editing errors are annoying, but the movie and new covers are just business – and this is a business. Casting and new covers are meant to appeal to a more “average” audience that didn’t buy the book at the beginning.
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  • AimeeKay
    Posted at 13:56h, 21 April Reply

    I think my biggest pet peeve with books lately are all the love triangles. It makes the main character seem wishy washy. Yes I can see being young and liking two different guys, even dating two different guys.But it seems EVERY other book I read these days has a love triangle thrown in it and the book would be thousands of times better without it.
    Formatting/Editing issues run a close second.I know a lot of indie authors can’t afford editors. BUT I agree there are books that I’ve had to put down because of the errors. My question is did they even have beta readers? or use spell check? I beta read for authors and part of what I do is a line by line read. I don’t just give my opinion or general feeling or point out plot holes, I also will highlight if there is something spelled wrong or a sentence doesn’t look right, or if the formatting seems off. I do the same things whether they pay me or not. I think all authors should invest in a trained editor, but if they really can’t afford to at least use spell check. PLEASE!
    As for covers…I’ve had book covers that it literally broke my heart when the author/publisher put out a newer version of the book and the cover is changed. I generally pick books to read for fun (not review books) based first on their cover because that is what catches my eye when I’m scrolling through books on Amazon or strolling through a book store. I agree that if they change covers mid series it’s also annoying, because as you said, there should be some continuity.

  • Topaz
    Posted at 09:50h, 22 April Reply

    Lexa, I was so disappointed by The Fifth Wave. My friends were raving on about how amazing it was, and I just… didn’t see it. :P You’re probably right on the movies/covers – but I tend to be really picky, haha ;) Nothing can ever live up to a really amazing book!

    Aimee, I don’t mind love triangles as long as they’re done well. But authors bungle them sometimes, especially nowadays when they’re so popular that everybody wants to write them. Oh my goodness, I can SO relate with the whole editing and cover thing. :P I can’t enjoy a story properly if the editing is off or the cover keeps changing!
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    Posted at 23:02h, 26 April Reply

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